Our goal as the Co-Directors of Wellbeing is to enhance wellbeing of all ECCC staff. We aim to do this through partnership with EmWELL and by determining the unique needs of ECCC to achieve wellbeing for all staff members.

2022 Survey Results

We heard you!

One of our first initiatives as the ECCC Co-Directors of Wellbeing was to understand what supports staff wellness and what are obstacles to achieving wellbeing. We asked staff to fill out an open-ended wellbeing survey in winter of 2022. Your feedback was incredibly valuable to us, and it is from this data that we developed our inaugural programs for FY24.

We received feedback from 68 APPs, 16 physicians and 8 administrators.

We learned that wellbeing and burnout means so many different things to different people. Here are our main takeaways:

  • Over half all respondents listed co-workers as what most supports his and her wellbeing.
  • Leadership is important. Leadership was consistently listed as both a source of support for an individual’s wellbeing and as a barrier to wellbeing.
  • Common themes affecting wellbeing: Staffing, Work Life Balance, Educational Opportunities, Recognition and Appreciation, Facility, Compensation, and Communication

We are currently working on our final touches for the FY2024 programming. Please check back soon to learn more information about our wellbeing initiatives for this upcoming year.

Coming soon: Wellbeing Advocates

These individuals will meet with the ECCC Co-Directors of Wellbeing to discuss unit wellbeing concerns and share wellbeing wins. Their input will be essential to shaping the wellbeing programs for the ECCC.

Look for more information about our advocates coming soon!

Wellbeing Resources at Emory


The Assistance Program provides staff and members of their household with free, confidential, in the moment support to help with personal or professional problems. All calls are confidential. Username is EHC.

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Emory’s Peer Support group started by EmWELL. Its mission is to decrease burnout and improve staff wellbeing by utilizing Emory staff trained in peer support. It is a free service that is available to all staff members.

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Emory Trust Line

The Trustline is a 24 hour, 7 day a week anonymous reporting system that provides you with the space to speak up without retaliation

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Danni Miltz, PA-C

ECCC Co-Director of Wellbeing