Multi-Professional Critical Care Education

The Emory Critical Care Center Multiprofessional Education Collaborative is committed to advancing a comprehensive and integrated approach to education in intensive care medicine, primarily focusing on improving patient outcomes and fostering a holistic learning and teaching experience. The initiative brings together learners from various Emory Critical Care Center fellowships through interprofessional collaborations in joint educational sessions. These sessions incorporate traditional lectures and interactive team-based learning activities such as case discussions, simulations, hands on sessions, and problem-solving exercises. By promoting collaboration and the exchange of expertise among learners from diverse disciplines, the program creates an environment that facilitates effective communication and mutual learning.Moreover, active participation in these shared learning experiences facilitates networking and mutual understanding among trainees and nurtures a culture of continuous learning within the critical care community. Examples of successful endeavors include the mechanical ventilation course and cadaver lab. 

Emory fellowship cadaver lab


The didactic curriculum covers core critical care knowledge and concepts such as sepsis and renal failure, as well as topics that are not traditionally taught. Striving to provide balanced education, the latter is thoughtfully divided into three categories:   

Radiology/Imaging Series

Includes an introductory ultrasound workshop to enhance trainees’ proficiency in using this vital diagnostic tool in addition to didactics on chest radiography and computed tomography to help them read their own radiology studies. 

Journal Clubs

Focuses on how to critically appraise relevant literature and covers relevant trials in critical care  

Professional Development Series

Various topics ranging from personal finance, cognitive apprenticeship and negotiations. Aims to equip trainees with the skills to become successful physicians in any setting as well as make valuable contributions to intensive care medicine and assume leadership roles in the future. 

New Initiatives

Looking ahead, the ECCC Education Collaborative plans to expand Emory's existing strong continuing education programs by introducing new initiatives. These include implementing point-of-care ultrasound education for current providers, organizing ECCC critical care grand rounds, and establishing an online portal where critical care educational materials ranging from relevant articles to bite sized videos can conveniently be found in one place. This platform will enable our intensive care providers worldwide to have on demand access to valuable resources with just one click. 

By continuously striving to improve and innovate in its educational efforts, the Emory Critical Care Center Multiprofessional Education Collaborative seeks to contribute significantly to advancing intensive care medicine and, ultimately, better patient care.