Tele-ICU/ eICU

Blending Tradition with Innovation in ICU Care

The Emory Critical Care Center (ECCC) aims to be at the forefront of advancements in critical care medicine. This deep-rooted commitment to patient care led Timothy Buchman, MD, PhD, MCCM, the ECCC’s founding director, and Cheryl Hiddleson, MSN, RN to conceptualize and implement Emory’s tele-critical care program, the eICU. This program is a testament to our dedication to constantly enhance patient care and outcomes and is built on a foundation of rigorous research, collaboration, and ongoing refinement. Recognizing the potential of technology to bridge gaps in patient care, the eICU aims to seamlessly integrate real-time patient monitoring with expert intervention, regardless of geographical boundaries.

How the eICU Enhances Traditional Care Models

Emory's eICU has served to advance our conception of contemporary critical care while also advancing the standards of remote patient care. Our program adds an additional layer of vigilant monitoring by a remote team of intensivist physicians and nurses empowered by cutting-edge technology. These experts are primed to detect and promptly address any nuanced changes in a patient's condition—ensuring timely intervention in partnership with staff at the bedside.

Measured Outcomes, Real Impact

Since the eICU's launch, we have observed marked improvements in patient outcomes. Beyond these tangible metrics, the program also brings peace of mind to clinicians, patients, and families by further extending the capabilities of our bedside teams. The eICU acts in close partnership with our bedside clinicians, serving to bolster their efforts. We remain committed to further innovation in tele-critical care by harnessing technological advancements to ensure our patients receive the best care possible, all while streamlining processes and mitigating costs.